About Me

I am a technical and creative person that has always had a passion for building and designing things. For the past four years I have been working as an accountant but recently decided that I was ready follow my passion and become a full stack web developer. 

In April 2016 I completed both the full stack Ruby on rails and front end web development courses through  These are self paced online courses were I was paired up with a Ruby developer and Javascript Developer that I met with 45 minutes a week. My mentors helped lead me though the class material as well as direct me to other outside sources that helped my learning experience.  In the Rails course I Learned the basics of the Ruby language, Worked through the Michael Hartl Rails book, and created several rails apps.  

My favorite part of web development is the feeling you get when you figure out a difficult problem that you have been working on for hours. I really enjoy challenging myself and continuously learning new things. There is also a satisfaction that comes from creating something and seeing it work.


API Hack

Class Project

The goal of this project was to make use of a third-party API and use the results to change the DOM.View

Hot and Cold Game

Class Project

For this assignment I used functions and jQuery to build a "Hot or Cold" game. In this game, the computer randomly selects a number between 1 and 100, and the player then tries to guess the number. The player gets feedback for each guess – "hot" if their guess was close, and "cold" if their guess was far. When the user guesses the secret number, the app lets them know, and they'll have the option to start a new game.View

Quiz App

Class Project

For this project I designed an interactive quiz app from scratch using javascriptView

JQuery Street Fighter

Class Project

The purpose of this project was to add, remove and modify DOM elements using JQUery as well as to use JQuery to create animations. View

Shopping List

Class Project

This was a simple todo list created as an introduction to using javascriptView